Yeah the same thing has been happening to me since Dec 2012 . I'm lucky if I can go 2 weeks without a call from these " Foreign *** Artists " . Their accents seem to be Afghan , Pakistan , Iraqi , possibly India . I can understand these " Cyber Criminals " wanting to make a living , too bad they don't try making a living legally , the way we do . Yes , I'm pissed at these leeches , but they're not the only ones I'm pissed at .

I'm also pissed at my Government and Government Agencies . I've complained to the FBI , FTC , et al . Why haven't they done something about this menacing problem ? I get the feeling like they receive our complaints and just laugh about it . Our Government has all this great technology to find out anything they want to know , yet they can't/won't do anything about it . And who is it that pays for all that technology . Yeah , you got it alright .

I'm pissed as well for what I see on this web page . Advertisements for payday loan companies and their 250% to 400% interest on the loans they offer . And chances are that these Foreign Criminals may have scraped our information while applying for an online loan , as they are not doing enough to protect that information .

I changed my phone number 3 times , complained up the ying yang . I just got a call waking me up 2 hours ago telling me that I'm Approved .... Yippee

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Reason of review: Not as described.

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