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USA CASH ADVANCE SCAM: Foreign accented man called to confirm a loan but needed me to obtain a new government law requiring a verification voucher! When I had money and was at CVS, 11/7, Walmart or other locations.....I was to call him and then he would tell me the person to whom I would make the voucher out to for a total of 260 dollars (down from 400). The loan would then be deposited into my account as soon as the voucher business was done. He informed that I had to process the voucher verification within the next 10 minutes and then my funds would then be in my account in 15 minutes (in thousands by the way). The voucher was to prove I could make monthly payments...REALLY? The amount of the loan was ridiculous- "too good to be true" type. So I said I could not do anything until tomorrow. Again he emphasized calling once I was in the store and would give me no information except that his name was James. (BTW: a young man answered the phone, James was giving the 888 number to another in the background and then took the phone to speak with me??!!)

Googled USA CASH ADVANCE right away and did a reverse call on number. SCAM SCAM SCAM. I can add numbers to the existing LONG LIST of numbers used by them to procure USA CASH ADVANCE victims. The number I can add to the list: 347-492-2732(out of NY)and 888-601-5809.

I am sssooooooo glad I felt uneasy with the speed and abruptness of the "business" dealings with this man and looked up all this before becoming a victim to this scam!

This is a terrible scam.......calls every hour on the hour. Just so glad I didn't fall for the "verification voucher that is required by the US government now??"

Isn't there some type of law against claiming that money/vouchers are required by our government in order to process a loan?

Watch out all :upset

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The Federal Trade Commission and that so called "Do Not Call" *** should have stopped this *** years ago! He is too smart for those yoyo's.


I didn't realize a collection agency would email or call with threats. Rapid Collection Services LLC has emailed me threatening Bank Fraud, Theft by deception and violation of Federal Law of Deception.

Demanding payment and court action and payment arrangements. Is this legal?


I am trying to find out if this is connected to cashloanusa299@gmail.com --- Jack Smith in Chicago -- they say they have all my info and can send 5k in 45 mins if I give a state to state transfer of 75 -- this is the first text: "Hi, Congratulation This is to inform you that your application for online loan has been fully approved by our company and there is no any upfront charges to get this loan amount. So if you are still looking for a loan so call us back on our number which is 773-796-9005. Thank you." ---- is this the same guy?


Tried to get me today 1/18/2018 . He'll no also went to my Bank and changed my account information.


Watch out. Its a scam. If it sounds too good to be true....


A middle eatern man calls and offers $5000. Wanted to get all my info.

Says long term loan at $128 per month.

Too good to be true. So I called him out on it and told him it's a scam.




3474441190 calls himself Bryan gills it's a scam


also phn number (747) 200-9040. DO NOT do this!

SCAMMERS in California! want to deposit "verification funds" into your acct and have you forward via a card bought at walmarts, etc.

DO NOT DO THIS! - sunnyside in cali

Worcester, Massachusetts, United States #1327130

You'd have to be an *** to even talk to these jokers. Why even post it here? ***.


Same happened to me today.

Same as above ..

voucher..cvs.. 3000$ in a hour or less for 200 $ voucher foreigner...the # was a New York # thank God I didn't do it...

what can be done about this ???? I'm one pissed off woman!!

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1258940

Just went through this today. James Brown, foreign accent, $300.00 voucher.

Got upset and hung up on me when I began reading this article aloud. 347-349-8700.

What bothers me most is they had absolutely all of my information! BEWARE!


I almost fell for it a guy named Eric Johnson cash advance America in winter Park, Florida the number he is using is 321-396-5197 an has a middle eastern acent. My life just came crashing down was planning on moving in a week with the money.but now I'm screwed


I got a long text message from a guy named Daniel (middle eastern) who says I would have a warrant out in the next two days and I owe $845 on a loan. I recently moved from home and I thought oh *** I got a small loan when I was here and didn't do a thing about it.

But come to find out it's all a scam.

Im calling this number back tomorrow (716) 810-6209

Williamsville, NY To get verification. I really hope this is a scam

to Anonymous #1401952

It is a scam dont fall for it ....gried it wiyhme too buti lnew better...they will also caim they are with the irs too.. Dont do it!!

to Adam #1401954

What *** me off is these people are associated with terrorism....we are funding them by bei



They got me out of my whole paycheck and then tried to involve the Irs and send them $512.00. Now I'm *** out of money that I can't get back. They should be reported.


I'm so glad I read this. I received a phone call where a guy named "Mike Anderson" told me I could get an installment loan for a minimum of $1500 and it would be paid over 9 months.

After going over information I read the email and felt uneasy about the process because the adobe file looked like a bad photo copy. He told me I would need to send $200 via Western Union to the insurance company they partner with and then I would receive the $200 back on top of the loan payment. Big red flag!

I was looking into a loan because I don't use a traditional bank and needed some extra cash that I was happy to pay back. It's unbelievable to me that there are people that try to take advantage of people that are already struggling with finances.


Its still going on today (March 10, 2016). If you get ANY unsolicited emails giving you a great deal on something you didnt look up on your own.


Its probably coming from overseas and untraceable.


I got an Email saying that I am Approved for a $3000 loan and all I have to do is pay it back in 24 months for $140 a month. I didn't even sign up for this so I know it is good to be true but a scam

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