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This morning I got a text from 1(254)987-5541 From Jake Taylor I will attach the text to this, but it told me if I was interested to call another number 1(214)785-4520

I checked my email and I saw an email from from Advance America Jake Taylor, So I looked it over and I thought wow this is great $4,000 for 18 months and pay $250 each month so a total of $4,500. So I called and I got a weird computer voice and it hung up on me, then I tried again same thing.

So I went to the website and I sent them a online inquiry to them about my loan. I tried one more time and they answered, It was a Indian accent and I could hardly understand him, then he said he could help me and he told me my bank account and routing #, and he verified my address, then he told me that he would transfer me to Jake Taylor. So Jake gets on the phone and tells me I am approved for $4,000 but since the government has changed the laws they could not verify that I can afford the loan, so I needed to go to dollar tree or Walmart and purchase a Green Dot Visa card for $400 and that I need to take an extra $5 to cover the processing fee. He told me to go now and I can get the money in my account in 90 min.

So I had that feeling "If it's too good to be true, then it usually is" So I looked up on line and read the terms to sign up for an online loan and no where does it say to go and buy a green dot visa card, so I googled Green Dot Visa Scam and sure enough it was a scam. I accidentally called Jake Taylor back and I hung up when I realized I did it, so of course he called me right back and I told him that no where on the site does it say I needed to purchase a Green Dot Visa card and he said well we are with Cash Advance, so we are just affiliated with Advance America, he then told me to look up another website and that one I can't remember and that it was legit, I told him this sounds like a scam, he said no, no this is not the Green Dot MoneyPak scam, we are a real company and we want to help you out. He said so how long till you can go there and get the card? I said I have no idea where one is and he said I will find one for you and looked up by my zip code and he gave me the address and he said what 30 min?

I said no more like an hour and he said ok, when you get there make sure you call me from the parking lot. Of course I was not going anywhere, I started researching this scam, then after an hour, Jake Taylor called & left me a voice message to call him back, so I did and he asked me if I had gone and gotten the card, I said no I haven't left yet, he said I thought you were going to leave an hour ago, I said well work called and I had to deal with it, then he said ok no worries go ahead and go and make sure that when you get there call me from inside the store and make sure you call this number back (214)785-4520. I said ok. So I called my bank and spoke with the fraud department since they had all of my account information and they froze my account so no one could access it but me in person, and the person that was helping me from my bank said if they call you again mess with them and tell them that you have involved the cops and this call is being taped!

I know everything says stop contact with them. So once I knew my account was safe I felt much better. So I got another call from Jake Taylor, he asked if I had gone yet and I said no, he said well we are only open until 6:30 pm so if you want your money you need to get the card, I said I am not in a rush for the money, can't this wait until Monday? He said don't you want the money for the weekend?

I wanted to say Don't you mean you want the money for the weekend, but I didn't. I said no it can wait, he then said well it takes me about 45 min. to get the money ready for you so if you go now you have plenty of time to get your money. I said no I actually don't have time right now to go and get it.

He said we Monday is good, should I call you at 8 am? I said no call me at 3pm, he said ok I will call you Monday at 3:30 pm to make sure you have enough time. I said great. I then filed a online fraud report.

So I lost no money thank god, but I just want to help warn other people that fall for this ***.

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Fairfax, Virginia, United States #1249088

im glad you posted this up. Im talking to them now on the phone.

but there number is (559) 800-8052. and the phone connection is horrible, i could not understand him and he has not transferred me yet to anyone. Talking to Ricky Jones and asking me $250 to verify i have money in my account? So right there RED FLAG!

Plus me getting a voucher of proof. I dont i really hate this cause I really thought at first it was a Blessing I got approved cause i need the money but yea.

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