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my husband apply on-line for a loan a man called and said his name was officer michael brown he had a foreign language he said due to my husband credit they had to put a insurance loan we had to pay 250.00 and they will deposit 10,000 into our bank then he put me on hold then he said we had to pay taxes on it they was going to pay 300.00 and we pay 326.00 then they would give us 10,300 then he said it didnt go through our bank he had to send it to us bye wireing it that cost 1,500 but he payed 1,236 and we had to come up 300.00 more dollars but when i talk to the western union man he said it went through ok but it got froze on the other in he said he talk to michael that i need to talk to him i called and he said he didnt talk to that man his boss but i had to get money pak for that loan and i borrowed it from my mom and i even told him that but he kept on and on now we lost alot of money cause money pak wont refund us that back

Product or Service Mentioned: Cash Advance Loan.

Monetary Loss: $890.

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You got scammed sweetie.

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