I began receiving these calls from some heavy accented ppl every since I requested some loan info online. One day I talk to the man and he told me I hadn been approved for a loan but I told him no thanks because I could not understand him good enough to go through the process.Then I began getting voicemails saying I needed to get in contact with this officer aaron and mike or i could have my lawyer call.

So I called back the 817 400 0344 number for mike it went to vmail so I called the other number 347 441 5990 for the so called commissioner.

He said he was gn transfer me to him but dialed the numbers right in my ear to give the illusion as if he transferred my call when it was clearly him. He was tellin me im facing criminal charges for not paying back a loan im like what loan i dont have a loan so he had some of my info bday ss# so im like where is the proof that i got this loan he said i owed 450 he then told me I have to prove that in court so i told him he would have to prove it so he started saying if i dont pay the police would come to my house or my job im like im gone send the police to his home and job for harassment he said go ahead i asked for the address he hung up i called back several times and then he said i could call him in 20 min to pay or have my lawyer i told him i dont need a lawyer he does he hung up again so i called back to ask for a manager he said the manager said to stop calling and yet hung up again I never got a loan I dont or never even written a check I requested info for a loan and they are calling me DONT FALL FOR THESE *** SCAMMERS dont pay them a thing if you know you did not get a loan dont be intimidated with court threats because they have false charges here are the numbers they call from 347 441 5990,, 817 400 0344,, 607 595 2340,,239 228 2301,, and 619 268 1393 where can I report them to so they can stop harassing ppl

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These people are crazy! They call me all the time.

When I finally called back a man with a terrible accent answered the phone said I was approved for up to 15000! When I asked where are you located what is your address so I can verify if your a legitimate company he hung up! I called back and said you better take my number out of your system and delete my information. The man said "I talk too much".

I said I was gonna sue them and he hung up on me. They are scam

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1250016

This is straight bs.They wanted me to open a bank and they would transfer the money.I didn't open the account and now they don't answer the phone

Douglasville, Georgia, United States #1197630

They keep calling me also and when I ask them to take me off of the calling list they guy starts singing love songs to me! These people are on drugs!


I went through the same process trying to get a loan. I got the same man Mike but he had me getting ITunes cards 2,916.17 dollars worth.

I did not get the loan now I am force to get a lawyer .

They shouldn't be in business at all. Wow

to Anonymous Marietta, Georgia, United States #1211521

They scammed you buddy

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