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Apr 02, 2013
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USA CASH ADVANCE SCAM: Foreign accented man called to confirm a loan but needed me to obtain a new government law requiring a verification voucher! When I had money and was at CVS, 11/7, Walmart or other locations.....I was to call him and then he would tell me the person to whom I would make the voucher out to for a total of 260 dollars (down from 400). The loan would then be deposited into my account as soon as the voucher business was done. He informed that I had to process the voucher verification within the next 10 minutes and then my funds would then be in my account in 15 minutes (in thousands by the way). The voucher was to prove I could make monthly payments...REALLY? The amount of the loan was ridiculous- "too good to be true" type. So I said I could not do anything until tomorrow. Again he emphasized calling once I was in the store and would give me no information except that his name was James. (BTW: a young man answered the phone, James was giving the 888 number to another in the background and then took the phone to speak with me??!!)

Googled USA CASH ADVANCE right away and did a reverse call on number. SCAM SCAM SCAM. I can add numbers to the existing LONG LIST of numbers used by them to procure USA CASH ADVANCE victims. The number I can add to the list: 347-492-2732(out of NY)and 888-601-5809.

I am sssooooooo glad I felt uneasy with the speed and abruptness of the "business" dealings with this man and looked up all this before becoming a victim to this scam!

This is a terrible scam.......calls every hour on the hour. Just so glad I didn't fall for the "verification voucher that is required by the US government now??"

Isn't there some type of law against claiming that money/vouchers are required by our government in order to process a loan?

Watch out all :upset

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Oct 01 Moreauville, Louisiana

Dear Consumers,
I am disabled and was SCAMMED in a very BIG way by a secret shopper scam through Western Union and Walmart I am now having to repay my bank a total of over $3000.00. I barely survive on what I make without having that on my head. So I definitely can understand the frustration there is something that you can do about it though you don't just have to sit and complain. Even though you were lucky were lucky enough to catch the scam before it got you, you still have the option the to report it. Here is the website that you report to please help to spread the word and keep this from happening to others. We all have a voice let's us it to try and stop these people. God Bless.

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Oct 01

Got the same deal no answer #818-

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Sep 26

I Got same. Call from Chicago IL. HOW Do verify.

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Sep 18 Springfield, Missouri

Just got the call from someone named Kevin. Phone number back 323-325-3782. Get voucher for $50 from cashier and them call and deposit money into my account. So glad I look to see what this is all about.

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Sep 18 North Bergen, New Jersey

I applied for a loan and recieved an e mail from them also..I was approved for $3600 and to pay $111 monthly for 24 months..It was perfect..But I did google them to check their reviews and I found this scam page.So of course I was very iffy about accepting the loan but I was kind of desperate so I called them anyway..A man with an accent did answer and seemed very weird..So I told him I got an email, right away he said because I have bad credit I would have to make a security deposit..So I said I have to send u money to get the loan,, he said yes..Then I told him I was aware of scams and how dont I know he is not scamming me..He hung up..I know it was to good to be true..

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Sep 10 Jersey City, New Jersey

I had the sam call saying i owed cash usa $8000.They tell me i will be arrested for fraud. The don't even offer loans in my state.

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Aug 29 Tucson, Arizona

Another 9099998843 call was from cali saying I owed 800.64 saying if I didn't pay I was gonna get arrested tomorrow morning could barely understand the guy but he couldn't even pronounce my city name which I kept laughing about and he got mad and hung up

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Aug 27 Cleveland, Texas

Another number is 929 322 8867 saying to be the attorney general for new york and once i investigated and called back after they threatened to throw my husband in jail and sending him a email saying he had a warrant for his arrest and i called back wanting to know what city they was from because i already looked it up and there was not a office for the attorney general in new with a 929 area code they hung up on me i am from texas

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Aug 21

Just got an email this morning from Advance America and about 100 different emails were attached to the email I didn't get a name but it was man with an Indian accent he kept putting me on hold and said all I had to was give him my banking info and the loan would be immediately processed funny thing is I never applied for this loan so I googled the company name and here I am and when I first called I lost service and he immediately called back...creepy scammers...the contact number I have is 805-876-5513

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Aug 19

I'm getting at least 6 calls a day from these bums & I want them to STOP! It's always some person with an Indian accent telling that my "loan has been approved & where can they send it." I' NEVER applied for ANY kind of loan with these shylocks & I want them to STOP calling me EVERY day!!!

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Aug 15

I got an email from Jeff Morgan (Signature says Daniel Gonzalez)and then a phone call from 818-613-6021 the man had a VERY heavy accent. the scary part is he had all of my bank account information and the last 4 of my social. he wanted me to go to CVS and do the $100 verification which i told him made no sense to me. after i hung up I goolged the number and SCAM SCAM SCAM!!! i called him back he didn't answer and called me right back. trying to convince me that i filled out a loan and this was not a scam. I told him if i see ANYTHING wrong with my account I would find his *** and kill him. and i mean that! people don't work for bums like him to steal their money from them. get your *** up and get a real *** job!

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Aug 14 Jackson, Mississippi

I had the same issue and thank god I was uneasy with this transaction and did not give this man any money. In fact when he called me back I told him I researched this and no one ask you to obtain a voucher to prove you can make the payment. He hung up. And has not called me back but, I get up this morning and there is the same kind of loan on my computer. This time for Bank of America.

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Aug 08 Miami, Florida

That just happen to me too they dont stop calling and they said the exact thing to me im so mad im about to change my number...thats so crazy how people just play w u like u were a kid and didnt know any better there should be something we can do to get them to pay..

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Aug 07

I had a Micheal call me and said i was going to jail if i didnt pay back a loan i never recieved a loan threw them so i called him and it went to voice mail where it told me they was a scam i about peed my self laughing call until u get there voice mail 347 468 8663.

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Aug 06

Six phone calls from 1-800-572-3577 in one day. The number is Cash America out of Texas. Said that I had applied for a loan. No go. Hung up on me but kept calling and hanging up. North Carolina

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Freakn Mad

Aug 06

We'll this people called me telling me about a 3,000 loan and my smart butt got all happy about that cause is been so hard for me to get a loan cause of my credit score I thought I was going to get a loan to fix all that plus everything else so he ask me for 180 to activate account then some lady from the same number called me asking for 250 for the loan transfer and I did it again gave it to them then he called me asking for $500 for the loan insurance and I said wtf ur tripping I gave him all my rent money and I ask him were I suppose to take 500 hundred from I gave him all I for me being so dumm I got and eviction notice and now it don't have anywhere to go with my 3kids :'(. Those anybody know wut can I do to get anything back or trace them?? Omg please some1 HELP!!! Any advice???

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Aug 07

There isn't anything u can do that is why they want you to put it on a paper green dot card there not traceable im so sorry.

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Aug 05

Hello, the same was done to me not only did I confirm my information for JAMES, but gave him the permission to take the processing service fee as JAMES called it from my account. Because I was informed that I wasn't paying for anything. It would be given back in minutes to my account once the information was processed. Well not only did I not get the money back. I never got the SCAMS loan amount. Now, after that they also took two so called processing service fees, but I had to close my account out of 7 years. Plus they now know my social,address and birth. Pissed off because this happened 2 years ago. I did'nt speak out. Now a few different JAME'S called me again lately trying the same moves again. I recorded the conversation and told him. But they still call from New York. I am speaking out. Scammers, Scammers.

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Aug 05

The same thing happened to me, this guy, sometimes he goes by name of Michael Johnson, other times Mr. Mathis, heavy heavy heavy accent. The same New York area code 347, this time the number was 298 7885. He even gave me the number of the Better Business Bureau.....also a scam.....beware....

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