Apr 02, 2013
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USA CASH ADVANCE SCAM: Foreign accented man called to confirm a loan but needed me to obtain a new government law requiring a verification voucher! When I had money and was at CVS, 11/7, Walmart or other locations.....I was to call him and then he would tell me the person to whom I would make the voucher out to for a total of 260 dollars (down from 400). The loan would then be deposited into my account as soon as the voucher business was done. He informed that I had to process the voucher verification within the next 10 minutes and then my funds would then be in my account in 15 minutes (in thousands by the way). The voucher was to prove I could make monthly payments...REALLY? The amount of the loan was ridiculous- "too good to be true" type. So I said I could not do anything until tomorrow. Again he emphasized calling once I was in the store and would give me no information except that his name was James. (BTW: a young man answered the phone, James was giving the 888 number to another in the background and then took the phone to speak with me??!!)

Googled USA CASH ADVANCE right away and did a reverse call on number. SCAM SCAM SCAM. I can add numbers to the existing LONG LIST of numbers used by them to procure USA CASH ADVANCE victims. The number I can add to the list: 347-492-2732(out of NY)and 888-601-5809.

I am sssooooooo glad I felt uneasy with the speed and abruptness of the "business" dealings with this man and looked up all this before becoming a victim to this scam!

This is a terrible scam.......calls every hour on the hour. Just so glad I didn't fall for the "verification voucher that is required by the US government now??"

Isn't there some type of law against claiming that money/vouchers are required by our government in order to process a loan?

Watch out all :upset

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Jun 25 Tulsa, Oklahoma

I just got an email today. I was scared saying I was going to be arrested. For defaulting on a loan. He was foreign as well.. he also told me to get a green dot card put funds on it to pay this bill to avoid legal issues. I told him I don't owe anyone any money. I called American cash advance. They told me its a scam. I waited for the man to call me back then told him it was a scam. He got upset said I would be arrested & hung up. 30min later I received a call from 911 telling me he was officer david Jones I would be arrested in the morning for nonpayment of this loan. Itold him do what he needed to do

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Jun 13

let me no if we can get the money back I got 3 children and 1 on the was my email is

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Jul 16

These guys r crazy they been trying to get me they call all day long

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Jun 13

214-613-8434 scam they got me and for 812.00 is there a way to get it back!!!!!!!!

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Jun 04

Yesterday someone with a indian accent from this company called me stating that I applied for a loan of 5k. I told them no and they keep insisting that I did. I asked them to send me the firm of the application that I filled out and they said they did send it. I told them to send it again and I will call them back. They keep insisting that I applied and they have the application but will not send in to me. If I wasn't interested in the loan I should cancel it and pay them $100 for cancelation. I said I will do no such thing. I hanged up on them called me 5 min later and passed me to his "supervisor" I hear them laughing in the background. I asked for their name and reference number they refuse to give it to me. They told me they will have me arrested if I don't pay. I told them go ahead. Good at least I can have a name of who's trying to have me arrested. And he hanged up. # is 786 378 6999.

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feeling stupid

Jun 02

Cash advance america scam! Unfortunately I was desperate and borrowed $255., placed it on a green dot money pack card. They took that money then Mr "James Williams"(yea right) told me that I needed a $100. Money transfer fee. Told him that I don't have it and he became irate. Told him that I don't want the loan, just my $255. Back. Told me he'd call me Friday.

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May 02

(727) 827-8285
FL, USA this number is also a scam! The man told me I'm approved for 1500 and I had to send $150 for verification. Me being young I did. I'm only 23. I did it on green dot card! He got my money and information. If anybody call from this number please don't believe him

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Apr 17

These same people are as we speak (or I should say) type, are calling me and have been for several days from a variety of different phone numbers. I spoke with several of the persons and went as far as to let them give me all the details until they got to the part where I have to prove I can repay the loan "Put the money on a voucher" or "put the money on a Green dot card" and give them the verification code on the back of the card. These people are of Indian nationality (from India) there is no mistaking their accent! although I have deleted the majority of numbers they use, I will list the numbers on my phone so far this morning. Please! Do not fall for such foolish practices. 401-648-9484, 772-585-9865, 773,599-4293, 872-588-4012, 872-588-4002, 214-269-8763, 333-333-3333, 312-788-9411, ....All with the same accent and same greeting.

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May 23 Mckinney, Texas

Omg !!!!! I've just been scammed Tuday it's my own fault tho I was looking for a loan kuZ I have a job thadd pays less && I have 2 year old twins no help !!!!!!! They scammed meh for 100 for a loan total ovv 500

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Jun 08

I'm sorry about them taking your money. Also, having twins. But just a heads up, you look ridiculous when you write a scam report and not spell half of the report correctly. Goodness lol

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May 23 Mckinney, Texas

The numbers they called meh Frum was a 210 710 4410 nj && 917 310 6154 ny !!!! Smh

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Apr 11 Cumming, Georgia

Just got that same call. Luckily I didn't wait for the "spill". I immediately asked for the ssn and asked when the loan had been applied for. The foreigner hung up on me. I called back a few times, it went to vm. Funny, he called me back, lol. Needless to say, he did not have a ssn and stated I applied for the loan 3 yrs ago. I disputed and asked for the imformatiin on the applucation. Of course he hung up on me AGAIN! Here's the contact number #607-767-7640...New York!

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Apr 03

i known who scam you guys if you want to really known
and caught the culprit .contact me 100%.There life end right the moment
you contact me.....just give me one of your contact can be mobile id
facebook name etc..i am happy to help

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Mrs Barbara Arnold

Feb 20

Hello Every One,
My Name is Mrs Barbara Arnold, i live in USA and life is worth living comfortably for me and my family now and i really have never seen goodness shown to me this much in my life as i am a struggling mum with three kids and i have been going through a serious problem as my husband encountered a terrible accident last two weeks, and the doctors states that he needs to undergo a delicate surgery for him to be able to walk again and i could not afford the bill for his surgery then i went to the bank for a loan and they turn me down stating that i have no credit card, from there i run to my father and he was not able to help, then when i was browsing through yahoo answers and i came across a loan lender Mr Barry James who provides loans at an affordable interest rate and i have been hearing about so many scams on the Internet but at this my desperate situation, i had no choice than to give it an attempt and surprisingly it was all like a dream, i received a loan of $35,000 USD and i payed for my husband surgery and thank GOD today he is okay and can walk and is working and the burden is longer so much on me any more and we can feed well and my family is happy today and i said to my self that i will shout aloud to the world of the wonders of GOD to me through this GOD fearing lender Mr Barry James and i will advise anyone in genuine and serious need of loan to contact this GOD fearing man via and i want you all to pray for this
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Feb 03

this is the email i got...the man got vulgar when i told him no i don't want the loan....
This is James Anderson the Manager of Advanced
America USA. Your loan ha been fully Approved to our company so in order
to fill your Account kindly give a call for verification on our call back number which is (404)462-7859.

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Jan 27 Belews Creek, North Carolina

Just received a call from "Johnny" at (551)200-5415..Claiming to be from Cash Advance America. He has called EIGHT TIMES from 1:00pm-3:00pm. He had initially said that I had already filled out a loan application from this company..I never have even heard of this company. I said I am not interested and hungup. He proceeded to call back 8 times.For which the last time he became vulgar and hostile. I called the company and they told me that they do not make cold calls to anyone. My thing is how did this dude get my cell number? This guy also had an indian accent.

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Jul 10

Indian guy calling from a Magic Jack Phone on 202-506-8417 suposedly from Washington DC headquarters and supposedlly a supervisor to discuss my loan- THAT I NEVER TOOK OUT!! HE KNOWS MY FULL NAME AND HOM PHONE #!
reported it ti thr FCC and FTC and put a fraud alrt on my credit reports!

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Jan 09 New York City, New York

Two weeks ago - Same exact story as the rest only from Brownsville Tx. They say they are calling from "Bruce Law". I'd need over $8000 for fees and bail, committing fraud, etc, or would be taken into custody through the NYS Attorney General's office. I reported to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Today I have a message from a Mr. Anderson in NY on my cell. (585) 633-3923. He wants to hear from me or my attorney. Very urgent. If I don 't call him back, he wishes me good luck. I did the rational thing. Deleted the number (saved the message) and blocked it. I will continue to do the same until they get they get lost.

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