Apr 02, 2013

USA CASH ADVANCE SCAM: Foreign accented man called to confirm a loan but needed me to obtain a new government law requiring a verification voucher! When I had money and was at CVS, 11/7, Walmart or other locations.....I was to call him and then he would tell me the person to whom I would make the voucher out to for a total of 260 dollars (down from 400). The loan would then be deposited into my account as soon as the voucher business was done. He informed that I had to process the voucher verification within the next 10 minutes and then my funds would then be in my account in 15 minutes (in thousands by the way). The voucher was to prove I could make monthly payments...REALLY? The amount of the loan was ridiculous- "too good to be true" type. So I said I could not do anything until tomorrow. Again he emphasized calling once I was in the store and would give me no information except that his name was James. (BTW: a young man answered the phone, James was giving the 888 number to another in the background and then took the phone to speak with me??!!)

Googled USA CASH ADVANCE right away and did a reverse call on number. SCAM SCAM SCAM. I can add numbers to the existing LONG LIST of numbers used by them to procure USA CASH ADVANCE victims. The number I can add to the list: 347-492-2732(out of NY)and 888-601-5809.

I am sssooooooo glad I felt uneasy with the speed and abruptness of the "business" dealings with this man and looked up all this before becoming a victim to this scam!

This is a terrible scam.......calls every hour on the hour. Just so glad I didn't fall for the "verification voucher that is required by the US government now??"

Isn't there some type of law against claiming that money/vouchers are required by our government in order to process a loan?

Watch out all :upset

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Apr 11 Cumming, Georgia

Just got that same call. Luckily I didn't wait for the "spill". I immediately asked for the ssn and asked when the loan had been applied for. The foreigner hung up on me. I called back a few times, it went to vm. Funny, he called me back, lol. Needless to say, he did not have a ssn and stated I applied for the loan 3 yrs ago. I disputed and asked for the imformatiin on the applucation. Of course he hung up on me AGAIN! Here's the contact number #607-767-7640...New York!

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Apr 03

i known who scam you guys if you want to really known
and caught the culprit .contact me 100%.There life end right the moment
you contact me.....just give me one of your contact can be mobile id
facebook name etc..i am happy to help

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Mrs Barbara Arnold

Feb 20

Hello Every One,
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Feb 03

this is the email i got...the man got vulgar when i told him no i don't want the loan....
This is James Anderson the Manager of Advanced
America USA. Your loan ha been fully Approved to our company so in order
to fill your Account kindly give a call for verification on our call back number which is (404)462-7859.

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Jan 27 Belews Creek, North Carolina

Just received a call from "Johnny" at (551)200-5415..Claiming to be from Cash Advance America. He has called EIGHT TIMES from 1:00pm-3:00pm. He had initially said that I had already filled out a loan application from this company..I never have even heard of this company. I said I am not interested and hungup. He proceeded to call back 8 times.For which the last time he became vulgar and hostile. I called the company and they told me that they do not make cold calls to anyone. My thing is how did this dude get my cell number? This guy also had an indian accent.

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Jul 10

Indian guy calling from a Magic Jack Phone on 202-506-8417 suposedly from Washington DC headquarters and supposedlly a supervisor to discuss my loan- THAT I NEVER TOOK OUT!! HE KNOWS MY FULL NAME AND HOM PHONE #!
reported it ti thr FCC and FTC and put a fraud alrt on my credit reports!

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Jan 09 New York City, New York

Two weeks ago - Same exact story as the rest only from Brownsville Tx. They say they are calling from "Bruce Law". I'd need over $8000 for fees and bail, committing fraud, etc, or would be taken into custody through the NYS Attorney General's office. I reported to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Today I have a message from a Mr. Anderson in NY on my cell. (585) 633-3923. He wants to hear from me or my attorney. Very urgent. If I don 't call him back, he wishes me good luck. I did the rational thing. Deleted the number (saved the message) and blocked it. I will continue to do the same until they get they get lost.

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Jan 17 Sacramento, California

I am a female in sacramento, ca and I had a very similar call. The only difference I had with their call was that when they couldn't reach me directly they called my work and told my manager that it was an urgent legal matter. I still have the voicemail saved in my phone and have since recorded about 60 calls on different numbers from them within this month (01/2014). In the last call I tried a trick I learned from my boyfriend about asking for reference numbers and to speak to a manager and when the guy figured out I was on to him he started making sexual remarks towards me that were extremely vulgar. I haven't heRd from them since because my boyfriend answers unrecognized numbers for me so I can avoid the situation completely since the police told me there was nothing they could do. This/these guys are betting out of control and need to be found soon so no one else has to go through what I did those days.

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Jan 18 Frederick, Maryland

If you get a number to call them back or an email - Let them know you have also notified the INS Immigration and Naturalization Service that stops the calls too.

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Dec 19, 2013

SCAM.. THERE NEW NUMBER IS 801-228-0803 FROM Provo UT .

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Dec 18, 2013 Chicago Heights, Illinois

A new number is 818-813-6137. Alex Johnson is this guy's name. IT'S A SCAM. He told us that they are accredited with the BBB. I checked they're ABSOLUTEY NOT. As a matter of fact, it's the opposite.
When wifey said they needed money to give you money, I got suspicious and did a lil googling and omfg. SCAM!!!! Share on ALL Social Media Sites.

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approved not

Dec 09, 2013 Watertown, Wisconsin

They tired w/me, but my gut told me different. He called me like 5 times with in 10 minutes. As soon as we would talk, I'd hear this beep-click sound on my phone. It dawned on my,this joker is tiring reversing the call on to my bill. We kept getting disconnected. Finally I just stop answering my phone. So he left two messages on my voice mail. 1-660-530-2732. :? He may think he'll never hear from me again, but I have news for that Jack a_______! I already connected my back to look out for any large with draws and to decline any thing not from my surrounding area here in Wisconsin. He'll get caught. If not by me, then by someone!!!!!!!!!

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Dec 03, 2013 Mason, Ohio

Omg that man just called me from a 770 number thank god i didn't fall for his *** trick..oh pls his accent was so *** i wish someone can catch him so he can end up in jail for the rest of his life... BTW he was telling me to buy a green dot card to reload some money on it n let him know the voucher number n within 30 min he will deposit a 3200 dollar in my account...

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Dec 03, 2013

To go along with the post I just put under name anonomous. The new number is 1 917-387-3197.

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Dec 03, 2013 Bellevue, Washington

They got me for almost 700. I'm a veteran trying to help get ahead n bills bc I have a baby on the way n got screwed. They knew everything about me fromy bank account to my entire credit history and address and job. Just lost my rent money over it. Dont het scammed. I'm ashamed they got me but I was looking to help my family. :(

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Nov 30, 2013

Cash advance washington ca company scamed me for five hundered dallors and is askin for five hudered fifty more wat do i do :cry

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Jan 11 Henrico, Virginia

If I was u I would not send any money at all cuz that happen to my friend and she sent money to them thru western union and they told her they will give her $100,000 and she never got it and gave them over $800.

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May 29

They got me too I turned them into western union my bank and the authority's I'm gonna fry there *** in not letting down till there caught!!!!

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